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The Record Office is CLOSED until further notice

Focusing on the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers remains our top priority. In line with national guidance and government recommendations we will close our Record Office from 4pm on Wednesday 4 November. The closure of our Record Office, along with other cultural and heritage attractions across the nation, will mean tougher times ahead for those working in the sector. We hope to continue to support researchers by responding to enquiries and providing copies of records where possible. Please make use of our online catalogues and resources. We will let you know when bookings are open again. We’re all in this together and will make sure our approach reflects the latest government guidelines. Keep up to date by visiting and follow our social media channels.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We shall lead in the collection, care and dissemination of the historic records of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. Our staff, our buildings and the service we offer shall be second to none – providing an archive of which everyone can be proud and which inspires others; in professionalism, service and innovation.

Our Mission

Ours is a global service, making accessible here and throughout the world archives of universal appeal and relevance.

We work with a wide range of partners; preserving records of triumph, endurance and everyday life – to tell the story of our region.

We are pioneers in broadening ways of reaching our audience; telling the story of our region and enabling people to form a tangible link to their past.

We embrace new techniques and technologies; seeking out records in every modern format and preserving all we have by the latest means and to the highest professional standards.

We celebrate our traditional skills; in interpreting the writing and language of the past and in caring for our paper and parchment.

We are the collective memory of all ages and all communities, guarding their historic record and ensuring their rights over it. We shall care for our collections with integrity and impartiality. We shall not judge, and we will always uphold the legal and ethical rights of our region’s citizens.

We shall be professional in all we do. We shall support and train our staff and expect the highest standards of them. We shall be honest, diligent and adventurous in pursuit of our vision.