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Collecting the Crisis

21st January 2021 to 21st June 2021

Last year we asked you to record and collect information relating to the Coronavirus Crisis. Here we are in a new year and the need to document the local situation remains as high as ever.

We are renewing our request to assist us in amassing this material so we can create an archive to record Covid-19 and its effect upon Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

We would like to ask you to continue recording life where you are and especially the changes you notice in your community. When you take your exercise or go shopping, please think of taking a camera (or your ‘phone) with you and photographing anything which you think might tell the story of this epidemic.

Please make sure you are not invading anyone’s privacy or space when photographing and remain safe at all times. You could also photograph or document your daily routine or write something about the things you are missing. Have you received the vaccine or do you have a view on it? We would like to hear that too. Think how important ‘lockdown diaries’ will be to future researchers!

We would also like to see the signs which have appeared about wearing face coverings, ‘social distancing’ or limits on the number of people indoors at any one time.

Please also collect any notices, messages or leaflets you see. Please keep a record of what you have photographed together with when and where and do the same for any other items, unless they are self-explanatory.

Electronic items, including pieces of writing can be sent to us via email if they are not too large. Please keep everything else safely until we are back in the office – please don’t send items to us as we have difficulty in collecting post at the moment.

Keep safe and keep collecting!



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