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Project Planning Guidance

Planning a Project?

Many groups undertake heritage projects and seek external funding from the lottery or other sources. The Record Office is keen to support these initiatives which raise interest in local history and preserve archives for the community. We are often asked to provide letters of support and advice to groups which we are usually happy to do; however, because of the number of projects and available resources we cannot actively help every project.

If you are planning a project please read the following guidance and, if necessary seek advice from us as soon as possible and before you have made your funding bid.

  1. We can provide the most support to projects that further our aims and objectives. If your project will increase use of the archival collections held by us, reach a group of people who do not normally use the archive service, will map archives in the community or bring in new material we will be more likely to be able to help you.
    We are happy to discuss other projects: we may be able to provide initial assistance or refer you to another source.
  2. If your project requires use of the archive premises (e.g. hiring a room) or staff time (e.g. providing a training session) please discuss the charges with us. You will need to write these into your bid.
    We regret that we are unlikely to be able to assist any group unable to pay our set charges.
  3. If your project requires ongoing support from the service such as several visits involving staff assistance it is essential that you discuss your requirements with us. We have a very small team and may not be able to provide the type of support or number of visits you require.
    We cannot guarantee to provide any services that have not been agreed before the funding has been obtained.
  4. We are happy to provide initial advice and guidance free of charge. If you require help to write your bid or need more extensive help, a one hour session with a member of staff will cost £25.


Please email us with a brief outline of your project and the likely assistance required by the Record Office. A member of staff will get back to you with initial comments.

We would prefer an emailed or written communication in the first instance. If this is difficult for you please telephone the office on 0116 257 1080.